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Central Market – Abu Dhabi

A turnkey project for ALDAR Properties, the Central Market redevelopment occupies 5.0 hectares of prime city space, and comprises luxury apartments, international grade A office space, restaurants, world class hotels, branded retail outlets and a traditional Arabian souq. Central Market is a true city centre destination for the Capital of the UAE.

For one of the skyscrapers in this project, the switchgear rooms are located on the 3rd, 40th and 80th floor for which the requirement was for 24 panels, comprising 12 feeder panels and 12 transformer panels. On account of its major unique selling point, i.e., the compact size, HS Switchgear fzco was chosen as the switchgear supplier for this site where the space availability was the major constraint. HS Switchgear fzco, not only fitted the requirement perfectly for this scenario, but has also delivered this project on a very short lead time.

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