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HS Switchgear fzco also able to provide wide range of control protection panels as per customer requirement including unlimited to :

  • Control and relay panels
  • Local control cubicles for switchgear (LCC)
  • SCADA/LDC/DMS marshalling panels (cross-connection panels)
  • Pilot wire/isolation transformer marshalling panels
  • Generator control and protection panels / desks
  • FMS (fault monitoring systems) panels
  • Annunciator panels
  • RTCC
  • Under-frequency load shedding panels
  • Process control and instrumentation panels for the oil and gas sector
  • Substation control and monitoring systems / RTU / SCADA products

Rated Voltage 11kV/kV15.5 22kV/kV27
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Interrupting Capacity 8 kA 10 kA
Maximum Continuous Current 100 A 100 A
Weight 6.8 Kgs 7.1 Kgs
Power frequency withstand voltage, 1 min.    
     Phase to phase and phase to earth kV 28kV/38kV 60kV/70kV
     Across isolating distance 32kV 70kV
Lightning impulse withstand voltage    
     Phase to phase and phase to earth 75kV/95kV 130kV/150kV
     Across isolating distance 80kV 170kV
Time delay of drop-out after fault has been cleared 0.1Sec 0.1Sec


  • IEC 60282

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