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The Expulsion Fuse Cut out is a low cost line protection switchgear, primarily used on remote overhead electrical transmission lines. The visual display of the status of the fuse cut out (“Disconnected” or “in Operation”) helps field inspectors to locate the faulty segment of the overhead transmission line quickly and accurately. Upon clearing of the line fault and replacing the fuse link, each of the phases can then be individually switched back into operation using operating poles, which are available in desired lengths..

The latest trend in fuse cut outs is the use of silicone insulators instead of the conventional porcelain type. The HS Switchgear fzco built fuse cut out, rated up to 27 kV, uses high quality silicone insulators and has a sturdy design to withstand the harsh outdoor environment prevalent in this part of the world

Successful type tests at IPH, Germany and ASTA Certification fully establishes the reliability and efficient performance credentials of this product from HS Switchgear fzco. Customized creepage distances can be achieved on our insulator design and fuse links of desired current ratings of up to 100 A, can be easily accommodated. Please refer to the attached table of specifications for the HS Switchgear fzco fuse cut out that fully complies with IEC standards.   

Our state of the art assembly facility, backed by international network of suppliers and high quality components ensures that every unit that comes out of our assembly line, passes the most stringent of quality checks. Our trained staff makes sure that all the customer specifications are met by getting our quality right the first time and every time

Key Design Features

  • Sturdy Design for harsh environmental conditions
  • IPH Berlin- ASTA Certified
  • Hassle free operation
  • IEC 60282 Compliant

Rated Voltage 11kV/kV15.5 22kV/kV27
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Interrupting Capacity 8 kA 10 kA
Maximum Continuous Current 100 A 100 A
Weight 6.8 Kgs 7.1 Kgs
Power frequency withstand voltage, 1 min.    
     Phase to phase and phase to earth kV 28kV/38kV 60kV/70kV
     Across isolating distance 32kV 70kV
Lightning impulse withstand voltage    
     Phase to phase and phase to earth 75kV/95kV 130kV/150kV
     Across isolating distance 80kV 170kV
Time delay of drop-out after fault has been cleared 0.1Sec 0.1Sec


  • IEC 60282

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